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House rules : 1153 De La Canardière


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Facade extérieure


1.  Noise : It is forbidden at all times to disturb the tranquility of At no time of night or day, will we excessive or annoying noise will be tolerated. Please notify us of any excess promptly.

2.  Curfew :From 11 p.m. until 6 a.m., barring rare exceptions (eg: for work), you should no longer use the common areas, the shower, cook, listen to TV or music in the common living room or do laundry, etc

3. Visitors : Only TWO (2) visitor only at a time per tenant. Visitors are not allowed between 8 p.m. and 10 a.m., both in your room and in the common areas. No visitor can stay to sleep. If there is abuse on this point, visitors could be forbidden at all times at all. You are also responsible for the behavior of your guest along with any damage they may cause while they are on site.

4. Televison : Your TV package contains several channels. Please maintain an acceptable level of volume in both common areas and bedrooms. As each bedroom has its own TV, we encourage the use of wireless headphones to avoid complaints.

5. Party : Parties are not permitted in the accommodation at all times. You must also respect the other tenants in the building.

6. Non-smoking: This is a completely non-smoking accommodation. This rule applies to cigarettes, electronic cigarettes and cannabis. It is also forbidden to smoke in the front staircase or on the balconies. Please smoke in the parking lot and dispose of your cigarette butts properly. In the event of non-compliance, a fee of $ 250 will be retained and immediate expulsion in the event of a second offense.

7. Drugs/others : It is forbidden to possess, consume or sell any drugs at any time. No prostitution will be tolerated. Immediate expulsion in case of non-compliance with the rules.

8. Alcohol : Alcohol is permitted in the apartment and in the bedrooms, as long as it remains a reasonable consumption.

9. Animals : No animals are allowed at any time. Same for visitors’ pets. A cleaning / disinfection fee of $ 400 will be withheld from the deposit if an animal has entered the apartment.

10. Appliances (oven, refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, washer-dryer) : We have provided you with high quality household appliances and small electrical appliances. Please use them wisely, keep them clean and put them back in their place after use.

11. Refrigerator : Make sure to empty the refrigerator regularly during your stay to avoid stale food and bad smells and to remove all your items / food when you leave. Mini fridges are accepted in the bedrooms.

12. Laundry : The washer and dryer at your disposal must not be used after 10 p.m. In order to optimize their use, you must empty the lint filter after each use. When you’ve finished washing, pick up your belongings quickly to make room for others. An ironing board and iron are also provided. You must provide your laundry products.

13. Dishes : Pots and cooking utensils should be washed and put away as you go. You are allowed to bring dishes to your rooms to eat, however, no dishes can be left in the rooms for more than 4 hours. You are collectively responsible for leaving and emptying the dishwasher as needed.

14. Bed bugs : We would like to make sure that all of our tenants can enjoy a clean living environment and most importantly, critter free. This is why we ask you not to put your suitcases on the beds under any circumstances. Places to store these and their contents have been provided for this purpose.

15. Towels : Please do not pile wet towels in bathrooms or bedrooms. The mouldy smell will build in and the towels will have to be thrown away. In such a situation, you will be billed at $ 15 each. Please hang them up to avoid bad smell and mildew.

16. Numbering of your spaces : To facilitate everyone’s cohabitation, numbers corresponding to your room number have been placed in the bathrooms and in the kitchen to identify your private spaces. The current order must be respected, and no exchange of shelves or drawers will be allowed.

17. Garbage and recycling : The garbage and recycling bins are outside on the side of the building (see photos below). Thank you for emptying the bins and recycling of your respective rooms regularly and when you leave. You are collectively responsible for disposing of household garbage as needed to prevent bad smells (and bugs!).

18. Parking :

The building has many tenants and only 7 parking spaces. You (or your visitors!) can only use the parking spaces if you have reserved and paid for one. (see map below). The others are already rented.

19. Snow removal : You are collectively responsible for removing snow from the large main staircase leading to the door of your apartment, a shovel has been made available for you to do so. Please take turns or divide the general tasks between you.

20. Fireplace : The fireplace is non-functional, it is decorative only. It cannot be used.

21. Windows : Please keep windows closed at all times between November and May and close your windows during the summer if you are leaving for the day to prevent the rain from damaging the edges of the windows or the floor.

22. Veranda : These spaces are strictly reserved for users of rooms # 1 and # 2. Please do not use them if you are not the tenants of these 2 bedrooms.

23. Heating :  The thermostat in the hallway near the bathroom controls all heating for the entire building (not just the apartment) and its water heating system. It is forbidden to touch it ! If necessary, you can adjust certain baseboard heaters in the apartment no higher than 23 degrees Celsius. Adding auxiliary heating in the rooms is strictly prohibited.

24.Candles (open flame): It is strictly forbidden to have in your rooms all forms of open flames (candles, small ethanol fireplace, oil lamps)

25. Electronic lock and room key : You are responsible for managing your room key as well as your private code to open your door. A $ 50 fee will be charged if you lose your key or if reprograming of your access code is required.

26. Accommodation keys :  A fee of $ 350 per key lost or not returned will be billed as the lock must be changed.

27. Liability insurance : We are insured for accommodation and our contents. However, your content such as computers, clothing and personal effects are not covered. This is why we require our tenants to have liability insurance as well as insurance for their personal effects.

28. Theft : We are in no way responsible to tenants or third parties for losses caused by theft or damage suffered or caused by the fault of a tenant.

29. Accidents : We are in no way responsible for accidents that may occur to tenants or third parties in the accommodation.

30. Decoration : It is not allowed to redecorate, paint the accommodation or to hang anything on the walls, neither in the apartment nor in your rooms. The accommodation must remain as is during the stay. The tenant agrees not to make any changes, otherwise fees will be charge.

31. Storage / personal effects : In order to ensure a friendly environment for all our tenants, we ask you to avoid leaving your personal effects in common areas. All your personal effects must be left in your rooms, with the exception of shoes, boots and coats which must be left in the entrance in the places provided for this purpose. We provide each tenant with storage space in the kitchen and bathroom, please use it. This will leave free spaces such as kitchen and bathroom counters as well as shelves in showers for other users.

32. Supplied products : Here is a list of some of the products we provide: toilet paper, paper towels, household cleaning products, shampoo, conditioner, body gel. You will need to purchase other products individually or collectively (e.g. laundry soap, fabric softener, toothpaste, food, etc.).

33. Rent: Rent is due on the 1st of the month or the 15th of the month depending on your contract date. NO delays will be tolerated. In the event of failure to meet your rental payment date, a management fee of $ 50 will be due in addition to terminating your rental agreement.

34. $ 500 Security deposit : The premises will be inspected before the client’s arrival and after his stay. If the inventory has been damaged, the costs will be borne by the customer. A security deposit will be kept in the event that a fee should be charged to the customer or in the event of an early departure. In the event that the accommodation is returned in the same condition as on arrival, the deposit will be returned to the client once the inspection and cleaning has been done, normally within 3-7 days following the departure. Do not to stain the sheets, covers, mattress covers or towels. A fee of $ 75.00 will be charged if the cleaning has not been done in depth in the room before departure.

35. Complaint : It is possible to file a complaint against another tenant. However, unless there is an emergency, this detailed complaint should be made in writing (not by text or phone).

36. Sanctions : In the event of a situation where a tenant does not respect these rules of conduct, it is at the owner’s discretion to take measures in accordance to the seriousness of the breach: Penalties could be a warning, a fine, eviction and / or non-renewal.

37. Cleanliness : Although a housekeeping service comes on a regular basis (about once per 1-2 week), tenants must ensure that the common areas (kitchen, living room, hall, dining room, 2 bathrooms) are kept clean at all times, particularly in the common areas and respective rooms. They are responsible for returning each rooms as it was when they walked in.